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Updated 02/21/2019
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ADA - Standards for Accessible Design.
Administrative Rules- Part 4. Building- Part 5 Residential.
AFCI - Types and Product Categories.
American Institute of Timber Construction (AITC) - Heavy timber construction details and standards. 
APA - Engineered Wood Association - Information on engineered wood products.
APA - Wall Bracing Calculator. Free - requires registration.
APA - Designers Circle
American Wood Council - Standards for wood design and construction including National Design Specification®(NDS®)for Wood Construction and Wood frame Construction Manual for One- and Two-Family Dwellings(WFCM). 
American Wood Council - free download 2015 Span Tables for Joists and Rafters.
ASHRAE 90.1-2007 - Michigan's Non-residential/Multifamily buildings energy code.  Limited time offer. Use with Part 10a. Administrative Rules
ASTM Standards
American Wood Preservers' Association (AWPA U1-07) excerpt for protection of wood and wood based products.
Bureau of Commercial Services
- License Verifications Builder, Architect, Real Estate Appraiser/Broker, Professional Engineer, Surveyor and 18 others . By phone - 866-630-6608.
Bureau of Construction Codes (LARA) - Code information and links to related Public Acts and Administrative Rules.
Bureau of Construction Code License Verification - Boiler, Electrical, Elevator, Manufactured Housing, Mechanical, and Plumbing.
Bureau of Fire Safety
Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) - Canadian version of evaluation reports for construction materials.
- Check your download file for PDF. Information on Telecommunication and Data Wiring.
Code of Federal Regulations
- On-line CFR.
Consumer Complaint Directory

Continuing Competency Requirements to renew Builders or M&A license.
COMcheck TM  - Energy code compliance software for Non Residential buildings. Select ASHRAE 90.1-2007.
Compression Chart showing the reduction of R-Value when fiberglass batts are compressed.
Department of Energy, Labor & Economic Growth - Main page includes general construction code information and department links.
Dimension Express
- Appliance installation specification sheets.
- Federal Energy Code Information and Energy Code Compliance Tools. 
Electrical Code Rules 2014 (Part 8) - Michigan Amendments to NEC-2014 (NFPA 70-14). Use with 2014 NEC. These rules took effect 6/18/2015.
Electrical Code Rules 2017 (Part 8) - Michigan Amendments to NEC-2017 (NFPA 70-17). Use with 2017 NEC. These rules took effect 1/4/2019.
Energy Star - Builder Option Packages (BOP) for MUEC Zone 6.
Energy Code Resource Center
- U.S. DOE miscellaneous reports and information.
- Map of Michigan radon zones.
Forest Products Laboratory
- Extensive information on wood products uses, treatment and finishing.
Frost Protected Shallow Foundations (FPSF)
- Builders guide to Frost Protected Shallow Foundations.
- Fair housing logo for use in advertising.
Guide to Permitting and Zoning for Antrim County  - Updated 2012 version.
Guide to Permitting and Zoning for Benzie County  - Updated 2012 version.
Guide to Permitting and Zoning for Charlevoix County - Updated 2012 version.
Guide to Permitting and Zoning for Emmet County  - Updated 2012 version.
Guide to Permitting and Zoning for Grand Traverse County  - Updated 2012 version.
Guide to Permitting and Zoning for Kalkaska County  - Updated 2012 version.
Guide to Permitting and Zoning for Leelanau County  - Updated 2012 version.
Guide to Permitting and Zoning for Manistee County  - Updated 2012 version.
Guide to Permitting and Zoning for Wexford County  - Updated 2012 version.
Gypsum Association - On-line information for gypsum products including their Fire Resistance Design Manual.
Gypsum Construction Handbook - USG Corporation
- Model code development information.
- Free codes. Use with appropriate Administrative Rule amendments.
UPCODES Free Michigan Codes.
 ICC-ES - Evaluation reports for construction materials.
Lead Paint Rule (RRP)
- Publications and other resources for compliance from the EPA.
Library  of Congress-Thomas
Michigan Builder Related Laws
- Article 24 of PA 299 of 1980, Administrative Rules and lien law information.
Michigan Real Estate Related Laws - Includes required disclosure form.
Continuing Competency Requirements
to renew Builders or M&A license.
Michigan Code Books - are available for purchase (hard copy or download) from the ICC Store. By entering through the LARA web page you will receive the member discount.

MDEQ - Water well logs online.
MDEQ - Regisrered water well drillers
Michigan Legislature
- Michigan law and pending legislation.
Michigan Legislative Publications
- Legislative Body Rules, Michigan Manual and other publications.
Michigan Lien Law
- Includes Sworn Statement and Lien Waiver forms.
- Construction safety standards including a sample Construction Safety Program.
Michigan Uniform Energy Code (Part 10. Administrative Rules)
- Michigan's residential buildings energy code.

2015 MUEC Prescription Compliance Form for residential dwellings.
Michigan Non-Residential/Multifamily Energy Code (Part 10a. Administrative Rules)
- Michigan's Non-residential/Multifamily buildings energy code.
- Extensive information on Post-Frame construction.
- On-line NFPA Codes and Standards.
- U-value ratings for fenestration products.
OSHA Q&A for Construction  
Radon - Radon mitigation techniques.
- Michigan Radon Zones
REScheck TM
- Energy code compliance software for Residential One and Two Family Dwellings. Select 2009 IECC. Select 2006 IECC for log structures.
COMcheck TM
  - Energy code compliance software for Non-Residential buildings. Select ASHRAE 90.1-2007.
Office of Performance and Transformation- (Formerly ORR) Administrative Rules including history and status of pending Administrative Rule changes.

Roof Loading Data Sheet - Figure R802.10.1.
Soil Data - NCSS
- Extensive information on soils as collected by the USDA.
State of Michigan Contact Listing
- Contact information for State of Michigan Employees.
Steel Door Institute
- Extensive information on steel doors.
Truss Bracing Standard BCSI 2008
- Truss bracing requirements.
- Listing of AFCI Types and Product Categories.
UL Door Listing - Extensive information regarding fire door listings.
WWPA - Western Wood Products Association design information.
- Climate data by town.